Fiber Gourmet Products

         Fiber Gourmet Products

    Are you trying to eat healthy? Or maybe just looking for a snack low in calories, if so Thinables would be perfect for you! I had recently never heard about them, until I came across the Fiber Gourmet website! Some of you may know I have been recently eating healthy! When I received these I was very excited to give them a try! I was also able to try a pack of ligh spaghetti noodles as well!
      One thing I was curious was whether or not I would like the taste of the Thinables. Sometimes healthy doesn't always taste good. Shockingly surprised, they were amazing! The cheese flavored ones tasted just like eating a piece of cheese! They taste so much better in my opinion than Cheez-Itz! I also loved the other flavors as well! If you search on there website you will find many other great flavors! The awesome thing about the Thinables is they are half the calories of Cheez-Itz with 44% more fiber! 30 crackers is only 60 calories, yes you heard right just 60! The Thinables has 10g-11g of fiber with 4g of protein! I think is great for little cracker snacks like these! 

    I also tried the spaghetti, which was my very first time trying a light spaghetti noodles. They tasted no differently than any other noodles! I'm so happy I can finally eat spaghetti now, which has now become so much healthier! With 18g of fiber this is so much better than any other you will find in stores! Not only do they have normal spaghetti, search online and you will find more options of noodles you can purchase as well! I had never even heard of this company before but with Fiber Gourmet, I can finally eat some of my favorite meals and snacks that are now healthier! Head on over to there website below and find all of these great products with much much more!



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